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Meet the team of,

CEO & Founder

Dr. Bert Reitsma founded Dr. Bert Skincare on a simple principle: clean, medical-grade beauty should be accessible and affordable to all.

Dr. Bert Reitsma

Dr. Bert's Skincare

With the desire to bring high-end cosmeceuticals to the beauty market at an affordable price, there was another concept on his mind: Sustainability. 


As a result of being conscious of clean beauty and it's green footprint, Bert established an in-house Refillery program for both his Skincare & Cosmetic lines. 

Dr. Bert has partnered with a team of highly educated cosmetic dermatologists to develop a top-tier line of personal skincare & cosmetic products at affordable, wholesale prices. 

Director of Operations & Sales

Tracy has been with Dr. Bert Skincare since its onset. She oversees all daily activities & operations and is responsible for directing actions across our company, including sales. Her favourite Dr. Bert Skincare product is the Mango Hydrating Cream & the Vitamin C + HA Serum.


Tracy Bubniak

PR & Digital Marketing Director

Sidney is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing digital marketing strategies that promote the Dr. Bert Skincare brand across multiple platforms. She also manages the company's public relations & influencer marketing strategies.

Her holy grail Dr. Bert Skincare product is the Advanced Night Crème.  


Sidney Stella











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a bit more about

our story

Dr. Bert has partnered with a team of highly educated cosmetic dermatologists to develop a top-tier line of personal skincare and cosmetic products at affordable, wholesale prices. 

Bert received his medical training at the Free University in Amsterdam. He had his general surgery training at the University of Maastricht including his Ph.D. studies in biochemistry. He worked on several product development projects in surgical wound healing during his practice.


Through his clinical work, with an emphasis on vascular surgery (including venous disease with its skin implications), he further developed his interest in skin healing - including the application of laser and the use of topical natural products.


His passion is in skin dynamics and developing effective and scientific-based treatments while being conscious of the impact his line of products has on the environment. Dr. Bert Skincare is focused on providing an eco-friendly product concept to the skincare market. 


As an initiative to be conscious of the environment, the team has established an eco-friendly product concept: all products can be refilled at the convenience of your home by using our refill bags. By offering product refills, Dr. Bert Skincare is able to reduce landfill impacts, and a reduction in energy, water, and packaging during the production of products; a total waste savings of 93%!

Additionally, by purchasing a refill product, the cost of our product becomes even more affordable and competitively priced compared to other national and international brands. Ultimately, you, our customers, are saving money and optimizing your green footprint while doing so. It's a win-win in our eyes!

Get to know us

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Our go-to product:

Advanced Day/Night Créme

We can't live without:

Our Vitamin C - holy grail!

Our customers would describe us as:

Loyal, honest, hard-working

Our Must-Have Product

Vitamin C & HA Serum


Product Spotlight

Advanced Serum


Product Philosphy

We believe in developing an all-natural, clean, affordable skincare & cosmetic line that is simultaneously conscious of the environment

  • Products are carefully compounded from a selection of natural active ingredients that enhance the vitality of your skin

  • Products have a scientifically established potential to keep your skin in optimal condition: 3R – Restore, Regenerate, Renew

  • Products include a transdermal delivery system facilitating the delivery of the active skin rejuvenation ingredients for best results

  • Products are made on-site with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards under the supervision of Canadian Registered Pharmacists

  • Products reduce transdermal water loss (TDWL) and thus keep your skin moisturized and consequently reduce wrinkling

  • Products are eco-friendly

  • Products come in airless containers and jars to preserve their high quality by preventing contamination


Airless Containers

With airless packaging, the product inside the container gets dispensed completely and remains stable throughout its use. Therefore, there’s no repeated opening of the bottle and no degrading of the product. Most importantly, there is little, if any waste. Airless packaging technology increases the product’s shelf life as well

Benefits of using an airless container:


  • Airless dispensing with metered-dose: 0.5 - 1ml 

  • Excellent evacuation (less spill)

  • Minimal pressure required

  • Cream remains free from UV exposure

  • No bacterial contamination of the cream or serum

Our Guarantee

We understand the importance of using clean ingredients that are safe for your skin and good for the environment.

All our skincare products are:

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Paraben-Free

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Non-Greasy

  • Quickly absorbed

  • From natural herbal sources

  • Made in Canada!  

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