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Dr. Maraina V. Bittencourt, MD

Dr. Maraina is a Brazilian dermatologist passionate about medicine and skin care. She received her medical training at the Petrópolis Medical School and continued her studies becoming specialists in Clinical and Surgical Dermatology by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.
She has practiced in different private clinics in Brazil for almost a decade. During that time she participated in numerous continuous medical education programs in cosmetic dermatology as well as discovered her passion for laser therapies, skin rejuvenetion and injectables such as botox and fillers. Having worked in many clinics has given her a good understanding of different skin types and treatments in Brazil and Toronto, where she practiced skin care treatments.
During her practice in Brazil, she worked with natural products which she strongly believed in, such as Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.
She is contributing with her knowledge in our skin care products line bringing us her best choices in her daily practice without causing any damages to the health of the skin. She is our skin care expert consultant.

Dr. Bert Reitsma


Bert received his medical training at the Free University in Amsterdam. He had his general surgery training at the University of Maastricht including his PhD studies in biochemistry. He worked with several product development projects in surgical wound healing during his practice.
Through his clinical work with emphasis on vascular surgery including venous disease with its skin implications he further developed his interest in skin healing including the application of laser and the use of topical natural products. His passion is in skin dynamics and developing effective and scientific based treatments.
Bert is overseeing the clinical scientific evaluation in product development.

Stephen Little, BSc. Biochem, BPharm, RPh

Stephen completed his Biochemistry degree at the University of Lethbridge which included two years as a full time research assistant in both government and academic research facilities. His keen interest in chemistry and medicine led him to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta followed by further training and membership with the Professional Compounding Centers of America.
Stephen currently owns three compounding pharmacies and works on the front lines with patients and physicians to formulate and design specific treatments tailored to individual needs many times about skin disorders.
Stephen is responsible for product design and formulation, and quality control.

Bryan McIntyre, BSc., RPh CNPA

Bryan initiated his post-secondary studies in the Bio-Chemistry Program at the University of Northern British Columbia before completing his degree in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.
Bryan has successfully formulated and developed several Health Canada approved pharma, OTC medical products and natural products currently available in North America.
He is a registered clinical and compounding pharmacist and continues to be active in these roles and passionate to work with Bert’s Manufacturing in the development and production of advanced medical grade cosmeceuticals.
Bryan is responsible for product development and production.