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Moisturizing: Why it's important

One thing we can all agree on– we are constantly being told to 'moisturize' our skin. But why is this so important?

The skin is the largest organ of our body and is constantly in interaction with the outer world. It protects us from all kinds of damage from the outside world by physical, chemical and radiation impact.

Another natural ingredient that restores the skin is Guarana which is a natural product with more potent effect than coffee extract.

Our nutritional status, hormones, hydration, blood circulation keep our skin in shape while all these body functions interact and cannot be considered in isolation to assess our healthy skin.

The main environmental exposure of the skin is sunlight and more in particular the UV radiation which is the sole reason for the extra aging of the skin. That is why the most exposure skin in face, decollate and hands are advised to be protected by SPF cream preferably mixed in day and hand cream.

The next most damaging effect on the skin is smoking: depending on the duration of nicotine exposure of the skin most of the skin damage in collagen and elastin can be restored but not in a few weeks but months. Keep the skin moisturized with a cream that has extra hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B3 and if possible with Aloe Vera.

Why do you have to moisturize your skin?

Depending on your age your skin is losing moisture which shows in dry skin and fine line wrinkles. There are two ways of protecting your skin:

- Use a moisturizer that attracts water to the skin and incorporates it in the cell to seal the skin reducing and preventing water loss. Also pay attention to humidify your home and if possible your work environment.

- Do not use hot water for showering as it can remove the natural oils of the skin.

After showering let your skin dry by itself and do not rub vigorously with your towel.

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