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Caffeine & Skincare

Have you heard of Guarana? Read below to find out more about our latest addition to our skincare lineup.

Image credit: SKINSIDER

Lately, there has been more media attention on caffeine in skincare products and how it works to benefit your skin health. So how does it work? Well first, we're here to say that it does have its benefits for the skin. It's effective for eliminating dark under-eye circles and reducing puffiness in the face as it works by constricting small blood vessels. In several scientific publications, it has been shown that caffeine molecules can pass through the top layer of the skin. More in general caffeine is a fast-acting anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory ingredient and consequently protects against photodamage like fine lines and wrinkles.

In more recent research, caffeine may also have anti-carcinogenic properties protecting against skin cancer although no clinical claims can be made yet. The best effect of caffeine is always combined with other effective skin ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

B. Well Skin Co takes a more herbal approach to caffeine in skincare through a product we use called Guarana, a more effective herbal caffeine only growing in tropical Brazil. You can read more on Guarana in our blog post here

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