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Everything you want to know: Stretch marks

Coming soon: a stretch mark prevention/healing skin line! Stay tuned and read below for more information on how you can help reduce signs of stretchmarks/help prevent them.

Gentle Reminder: Stretch marks are completely normal & most people have them. Be kind to yourself.

Stretch marks, also known as 'Striae' are permanent scars caused by overstretched skin. Stretch marks are formed when gaining weight or going through body changes (such as puberty) over a short period of time (bodybuilding, implants, and of course during pregnancy.) The scarring in the skin is caused by ruptured collagen and elastin, the two most important proteins and building blocks for healthy skin.

Stretch marks are atrophic scars from damage to the connective tissue in the skin. As of now, treatment for stretch marks, including physical treatments like laser, micro-needling, and dermabrasion, isn't fully effective. The main action to take against stretchmark scarring is to lessen the cosmetic effect of the damaged skin or prevent it!

When it comes to treatment, the best option is to optimize the stretching skin by promoting the

production of collagen and elastin. Clinically proven effective ingredients for skin regeneration are Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Shop our Vit C + HA Serum here. Other ingredients are Vitamin E and natural ingredients like Guarana (coming soon!) and Centella Asiatica. Our new Bakuchiol Serum, a natural alternative to retinol, is another great option for treating stretch marks.

In conclusion, the best advice for treating/preventing stretch marks is to moisturize the affected

skin with effective ingredients to help heal the wound/scarring. Applying the recommended cream(s) twice a day might help prevent or lessen the effect of stretch marks.

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