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FYI: Guarana & its Skin Benefits

If you're asking yourself: What is Guarana and what are its benefits? And how can it impact my skin health? Then read below to learn something new! And stay tuned for a new B. Well Skin Co product that might have something to do with this plant!

Guarana, the scientific name 'Paullinia Cupana' of the Spindacaea family, is a plant grown

exclusively in the Amazon basin. The seeds from the flowers/plant contain caffeine (next to

Theophylline and Theobromide and a number of phyto components act as antioxidants.)

Although both seeds of the coffee plant (Coffea Arabica and Robusta) and Guarana are rich in

caffeine, the plants are not in the same family of plants. The extract of the Guarana seeds has however a much higher concentration of caffeine than in the coffee beans themselves. The Guarana caffeine extract is mostly used nowadays in energy drinks for obvious reasons. However, in topical application, Guarana stimulates the skin's blood flow to promote the matrix where collagen and elastin are continuously being produced, resulting in healthier-looking skin. Therefore topical Guarana is used for the prevention (and treatment) of stretch marks and is

also promoted for topical application in cellulitis.

Stay tuned for a new B. Well Skin Co product launch that utilizes the benefits of the Guarana plant in the near future!

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