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Rosacea 101 Tips & Tricks

Did you know that 10% of Canadians are diagnosed with Rosacea? To learn more about this skin condition, read on below.

Rosacea is quite a frequent inborn skin disease for which there is no clear-cut treatment. About

ten percent of the Canadians are diagnosed with Rosacea. The well known and most visible

symptoms are facial flares and redness.

Most patients know well that there are specific triggers that can worsen the condition: our advice is to try and avoid these triggers if you are aware of them. Sun exposure is suggested to be avoided as UVA/UVB is a major trigger for rosacea - we suggest using a Sunscreen SPF product of 30 or higher, shop our here.

The best information is always to be found on the websites of national and international

societies dealing with the disease:

Below are some additional tips the B. Well Skin Co team has compiled if you struggle with Rosacea-prone skin:

  • Handle your skin with care: never scrub your face, use a gentle exfoliant, like our Microderm Cream, linked here

  • Use a moisturizing cream twice daily, like our Daily Moisturizing Cream of Advanced Day Crème

  • Use a mineral based Sunscreen SPF product

  • Always use skincare products fragrance free (FYI: All Dr. Bert Skincare products are fragrance free!)

  • Check to make sure your skincare product(s) has a skin pH level that is neutral

  • Use gentle cleanser, like our Botanical Facial Cleanser, but again, do not scrub

  • Feed your skin with VitaminC and Hyaluronic acid

  • For those who wear foundation: a powder is better as it does not block pores

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