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Skin Care during Cancer Treatment

Several diseases, including Cancer, often affect the health of our skin. Below we break down the ways to manage the changes happening in the skin with a proper skin regimen.

Since the skin is the largest organ in our body, with an abundant blood supply network, it undergoes damage from chemotherapy. The skin often gets dry, cracks, and becomes fragile during this process. This means you have to take extra care protecting and nourishing your skin.

Some skincare products you might find useful during this process are:

  • A moisturizing cream and body lotion to replenish the skin due to the transdermal water loss in damaged skin

  • Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are perfect ingredients to restore fragile skin

  • Aloe Vera is well known to protect the skin

  • Always use SPF for your face and other daylight-exposed skin like hands and decollete to help prevent exposure to the sun

Gentle Note: We send love to those who may be going through the chemotherapy process or those with a Cancer diagnosis. Our aim is to help provide knowledge from a medical professional standpoint. Nourishing creams and lotions can help heal your skin during this time.

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