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Skincare + Working Out

A guide to protecting your skin before and after working out

Just as exercise is good for your muscles, it’s also good for your skin. Several publications have shown that high-intensity aerobic training may even prevent and reduce signs of aging of your skin! Exercise can help fight stress which contributes to skin aging.

Check out our tips below on how to prioritize your skin health while maintaining physical health:

  • Apply our SPF 30 Sunscreen and cover all exposed skin

  • Try and avoid wearing heavy makeup or moisturizers while working out, these products can hinder your ability to sweat. We recommend using our Gentle Makeup Remover and our Moisturizing Day Cream,

  • After exercise rinse off your sweat! Oil and germs build up after exercise (bacteria love your warm moist skin!) and if you have acne prone skin, make sure to also use benzoyl peroxide after your face wash

  • Take time for your cool-down, it's important to let your skin breath free for some time before applying products

  • After cool-down, re-apply your SPF 30 Sunscreen: UV rays degrade collagen (the skin proteins that keep the skin elastic and line-free)

  • Repeat these steps each time you exercise, remember that skin health and physical health are important and go hand-in-hand

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