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Nightly Moisturizing Cream

SKU: 21354654

A highly emollient night cream for skin that naturally requires more oils without leaving a greasy feel. Full of anti-oxidants and moisturizers, with a slightly thicker feel and more hydrating properties. Anti-oxidants are included to reduce free radical damage.

  • Benefits


    • refreshes the skin
    • prevents water loss
    • source of vitamin E
    • rapidly penetrates and absorbed by skin
    • antioxidant
    • replenishes and restores moisture
    • antioxidant
    • exfolliant cleansing ability
    • improves skin elasticity
    • smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
    • skin tightening ability
    • anti-aging properties
    • improves elasticity
    • evens out skin tone


    Directions for use: Apply to slightly damp skin in the evening. Gently rub or massage into area until cream vanishes.