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Zero waste is a lifestyle change that is becoming widely adopted around the world. Consumers are actively learning how they can reduce their ecological footprint. At Dr. Bert Skincare, we believe in minimizing our ecological footprint as well, which is why we decided to offer our customers the option to refill their Dr. Bert products. Cue, our new refillery coming soon!

Our refillery aims to help our customers reduce waste, save money and shop their favourite skincare products in bulk. We provide our products in low environmental impact bags with a spout to enable you to easily refill your airless containers and jars.


Our refill program gives you the opportunity to buy our creams, serums and lotions in bulk, improving both of our green footprints, with competitive pricing in mind. With our refill program, the prices of our creams and serums now beat all major national and international brands including large outlet chains! #ShopSmall


As a reminder, our skincare products are compounded and controlled by our Canadian registered Pharmacists who produce high-quality products, outperforming many skincare products in the market today.


Airless Bottle/Jar FYI:


Our airless pump jar and bottle feature small air intake holes in the base allowing outside air intake pushing the diaphragm in the jar upwards once the product is being dispensed without allowing to get the air into contact with the product. At the dispensing opening at the top of the jar/bottle is a one-way valve only allowing the product to come out and preventing air to get into the bottle. Therefore the cream/serum never contacts the air which keeps the product away from any contamination including bacteria and viruses and preserves the high quality of (y)our creams and serums. 

Our refill program will be eco and wallet-friendly!


Stay tuned for the launch of our refillery and as always, we love feedback! We look forward to helping each of our customers minimize their ecological footprint and providing them with this cost-effective solution.

PS: Did you know that our airless containers already have the option to be refilled? Keep your containers! Our new bags will be coming soon.


The Dr. Bert Skincare Team